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Statement of Principles

Huntingdon Valley Library provides the use of its meeting room facilities to businesses, organizations and individuals for educational and recreational purposes. Facilities are available to the community consistent with the Library’s mission to enrich the community by providing an environment where people can gain knowledge by exchanging information and ideas. The use of Library facilities does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of viewpoints expressed by the users, and any advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement is prohibited. Any meeting conducted in the multipurpose room must be open to the general public.



Eligible Meeting Room Users

Individuals or organizations wishing to reserve the library multipurpose room must first submit a written application, which shall be reviewed by the Library Director. Facilities will be reserved in the following priority order:


1. Library-sponsored meetings or programs.
2. Friends of the Library-sponsored meetings for programs.
3. Meetings conducted by regular users of the library’s multi-purpose room
4. Other meetings or programs.


The Library reserves the right to revise any meeting arrangements and to preempt established arrangements based on the above priority designation or other business reasons. In such instances, the Library will provide reasonable notification to the user, up to one week prior to the scheduled meeting date. In the event of a library closing due to inclement weather, the multipurpose room will not be available for scheduled meetings.



Using the Meeting Room

Library facilities must be used in a manner conducive to its purpose. Facilities may not be used in any way which materially interferes with the orderly operation of the Library or which causes a threat to the safety of Library personnel, property or patrons. Use of meeting rooms for any activities that are inconsistent with the Library’s purposes or operations will be denied or terminated.


If, in the opinion of the Director, the use of the facilities will interfere with the orderly operations of the Library or will inhibit the enjoyment of the Library by other patrons, the user may be denied his/her request to use the facilities.

Current meeting room capacity is 30 people seated in rows or at tables.

The library has chairs and tables available. Organizers of meeting will be responsible for handling their own room setup and arranging the room as the group would like to use them, provided the furniture arrangement is put back in its original condition.

The time of the program shall correspond to the hours the library is open to the public, and the group or individual must vacate the meeting room prior to library’s closing time.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, gambling, and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in any area of the Library.


The User agrees to comply with all other rules applicable to patrons of the Library.

Any controversy resulting from a denied application for use of the multi-purpose room, negligent use of the multi-purpose room, or any other meeting room issues will be decided by the Library Director, who will report to the Board at its next meeting any such controversy and its resolution.


Click here to download the application to use the multi-purpose room.



Clean Up and Damage

The sponsoring group or individual making application for use of facilities assumes all responsibility for damage to library property and for leaving the premises in the condition in which it was found, including the arrangement of furnishings and the cleanup of trash. Damage to the facility will be billed to the group or individual responsible for the room and could result in restriction from further use.



Meeting Room Fees

Effective January 1, 2012, a $50 deposit will be charged for groups or individuals using the library's multi-purpose room on a for-profit basis. If the room is left in good order following the group or individual's use, $25 will be refunded.


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