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Searching the MCLINC Online Catalog

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Quick Library Search
To do a quick search of the library catalog, just type a word or words in the Quick Library Search box and click "GO".


Keyword Search
A keyword search looks for matches to the word or words (in any order) you type in the Keyword search for box.


You can search all fields in the catalog records, or narrow the search to a single field specified in the Search by box, such as Author, Subject, Title, or Genre.


Click "Search" on the menu bar.
Click "Keyword" on the Search submenu.
Type a word or words in the Keyword search for box.
Select a field in the Search by box. Click "GO".


Browse Search
A browse search looks in an index of the catalog and displays that portion of the index that begins with the words you typed. You can scroll backward or forward to view more listings. You may browse the Author, Title, Subject, Series or Call Number indexes.


Click "Search" on the menu bar.
Click "Browse" on the Search submenu.
Type your search terms in the Browse Search for box.
Choose an index to search from the drop-down list in the Search by box.
Click "GO".


View More Information
You can view more information about titles in your list. Click on Availability to learn if your selection is on the shelf. You may call the library to have the item held for you. Or you can place a reserve for an item that is not currently available (see below).


To see other summary or table of contents information click the "Enrich Data" link.


Request a Title
You can ask the library to hold a title for you, at the location you choose.

From your search results list, click "Place Request" for the title you want.
Type in your library card number and password.
Select the location in the Pickup Library box.
Click "Submit Request".



Having trouble? Click Help on the menu bar; consult library staff, or e-mail webmaster@mclinc.org.


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